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Life Coaching is a collaborative relationship, solution-focused, results-oriented systematic and enlightening process where the Coach facilitates the growth of the Client in many areas of their life.

It's a natural human instinct to want more from life. However, many of us are afraid of reaching out and getting more disappointment. We cannot turn off our desire to achieve our dreams, to be happier, have more money, to be more successful, to have better relationships, and experience a more deeply satisfying life.

Most of us think that we should be able to 'doing it on your own'. It is huge part of what we believe and have accepted about being 'grown up'. We often pay a price for this belief. As we struggle to achieve what we want, we suffer from stress and have often sacrificed the time to enjoy and celebrate our success. And when we achieve our 'success', it's often not really what we had imagined, and then we are not really fulfilled.

A coach will work with you towards obtaining your dreams and aspirations.

The role of a Coach is to improve the quality of your life. You can choose your own Coach who will help you design and walk the path towards your dreams, your aspirations, your desired goal or set of goals. This is a unique relationship.
The only thing you need to bring into the coaching relationship is the desire and determination to improve your life. Your Coach will guide you, and help you to stay focused on your goal, while working with you to find the best way to achieve them. One of the most important goal for your coach is to help you achieve what you set out to achieve.

A personal Coach is your partner in becoming the person you want to be and living the life you want to live. In your private and professional life too.

How does coaching work? Well, your Coach listens to your aims and dreams and, although remaining non-critical and non-judgmental, holds you accountable for your life, challenging you to take control and guiding you to make use of your potential.
How is this different from what friends and family can do for you? Your Coach does not have a vested interest in you. There is no emotional attachment to you and does not have any hidden agenda for you. The Coach certainly wishes to see you succeed, since that is what you came for in the first place. The Coach's integrity is total and their views are entirely impartial, enabling them to help you see your problems and design your way forward more clearly and be with you every step of the way as you progress towards your goals.

Stress Management

Work-Life Balance

Anxiety Management

Confidence Skills
Low Self-Esteem
Communication Skills
Goal Setting
Overcoming Fears
Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
The Power Of Positive Thinking
Relationship Coaching
Problem Solving
Weight Loss/ Fitness Life Coaching
Diet/ Healthy Eating Life Coaching
Time Management Coaching
Motivational/ Inspirational Coaching
Anger Resolution
Expat Coaching
Grief Coaching

If you have more questions or feel a little anxious about what to expect from a coaching session then please contact me and I will be happy to discuss this in more detail.

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